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I need to build my personal brand......

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

According to Jim Keenan, "for the first time in history, we get to shape how people see us before they meet us. By creating a strong, deliberate, social presence, we get to influence what people see and how they see us. We get to create the framework for how we want to be perceived by others".

The future is for those sales professionals who can differentiate themselves with a personal brand that sets them apart from all of the other sales people out there, and who are able to convey a unique promise of value. All sales people must now work hard to build a strong network and 'personal brand' to future-proof yourself against decisions that are outside of your control. 

The future is for digitally savvy sales people who use all the channels they can to connect with their target customers, share unique insights and establish their thought leadership. They know that by remaining top-of-mind, when their customers are ready to buy, they will be the first one their customers call.

You must become: Digitally Driven, Socially Connected, Mobile and Specialized. 

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A personal branding case study.

Why is 'personal branding' so important?

"We are who the internet says we are".

Cian Mcloughlin