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Sales People

.....but have you ever thought of yourself as a brand?

Are you equipped to face the today's challenges in B2B sales?

The future is for those sales professionals who can differentiate themselves with a personal brand that sets them apart from all of the other sales people out there, and who are able to convey a unique promise of value.

The future is for digitally savvy sales people who use all the channels they can to connect with their target customers, share unique insights and establish their thought leadership.

You must become digitally driven, socially connected, mobile and highly specialised. Let SalesTribe show you how. Join today - it's free!

Solution to get you business ready

We tailor solutions to you, understanding what your career needs to get you ready to work with a new business.


Personal Branding Package
From AUD $1,500

Cultivating a strong personal brand is now critical to your career in sales because it will provide you with a massive edge over the vast majority of 'generalist' sales people. This package will provide the foundations upon which you can build your career as a key person of influence in your industry.


Resume Review
From AUD $470

Get yourself a keyword optimized resume that will elevate you above all the filters. To set yourself apart from all the other applicants you need to be optimized to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems. This package will ensure that your CV is aligned with your personal brand.


Career mentoring
From $750 AUD (for 3 sessions)

Successful sales people, athletes and sporting teams rely on coaching to get them where they want to be. SalesTribe offers professional mentoring, guidance and career transition advisory to help ensure that you remain relevant in these changing times.


Career Planning
From $600

If you are a 'generalist' sales person, your career is now under threat. With our career planning package you will receive a step by step guide on how to move from generalist to 'specialist' sales person. This is your first step to getting re-purposed and then re-connected into an exciting business.


Social Voice Strategy
From AUD $200

Social selling is probably the single hottest topic today in the world of B2B sales. Work with a SalesTribe mentor to ensure that you are getting cut-through on social channels. If you're not being heard, then you are not being considered.


Video Profiles
From AUD $2,300

Video profiles are fast becoming one of the most important tools for business professionals. Employers want to see a video profile before they read your CV, and this is a great way to set yourself apart from all of the other sales professionals that are now looking for new employment opportunities.


Linkedin Profile Optimisation
From $200 AUD

Your LinkedIn profile is your 24x7 online advertisement. Create a professional profile that is optimized to ensure that your 'personal brand', and your 'unique promise of value' is being clearly articulated to your target audience.


Job Interview Training
From AUD $250

For some reason, sales people are notoriously bad when it comes to selling themselves. Whilst the interview is increasingly seen as ineffective by many, even the best sales people still need to prepare for job interviews. This package will ensure that you have all of the tools required to make a great first impression.

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