About SalesTribe

SalesTribe is the world’s first career transition management company designed specifically to assist B2B sales people who require career assistance and access to new career opportunities. 

In addition to assisting sales people with important career transition services, SalesTribe also helps businesses get access to flexible 'on-demand' sales resources to help accelerate growth, reduce 'time-to-revenue' and to shift fixed costs to variable costs.

Founded in 2017, in Melbourne Australia, SalesTribe is now growing rapidly as the world continues to shift towards buyer self-service, the workforce of the future, and the on-going rise of the freelance economies.

Businesses need access to on-demand sales best practices, and sales people need new opportunities. SalesTribe makes those connections.

For sales people, a free SalesTribe membership will deliver the following benefits:

1. Accurate information about the realities now facing the sales profession, and advice on how to leverage these realities in your own career. 

2. Access to an elite 'Tribe' of sales professionals and employers to help you with capability uplift, and to connect you with new career opportunities. 

3. Advice and assistance with the career pillars of successful sales professionals of the future, including personal branding and social and digital strategies. 

4. A forum for sharing knowledge and a global center of excellence for sales best practices. 

SalesTribe will help you reinvent and re-purpose yourself for the changing business landscape, as well as connect you with a range of exciting new career opportunities.